Technical centre

Technical centre - R&D as responsibility for the future

Research and development is at the core of everything we do. That's why we concentrate all our R&D management activities under one roof at our new plant in Germany.

To provide our expert engineers with the ideal environment for developing new products, we invested in a new technical centre. This new facility has all the necessary equipment to cost-effectively test new ideas by manufacturing small batches. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of requirements.

Our fire laboratory, which satisfies international standards, gives us even more scope to test end products and helps us achieve results faster. We are able to perform part testing to BS 6853, DIN 5510, ASTM E 162, EN 45545, DIN 4102, FAR 25 853 and UL 94 V0.

We also carry out realistic load tests with different atmospheres, temperatures and mechanical loads to make sure our products will stand up to real use.

We use our own FT-IR analysis process and high-resolution image analysis to efficiently analyse the composition of samples.

We also work with various institutes to efficiently detect damage and help our customers identify solutions.

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