Production - turning innovative ideas into sophisticated products

In the face of global competition, we strive to continually better ourselves. To make sure our customers benefit from consistent quality we employ highly trained and dedicated people and implement continuous improvements and innovations in our production processes.

At our Czech plant we deploy all types of solvent-based systems using modern spread coating equipment. Lamination and calendering are implemented with an inline process.

The Selb plant, formally opened in March 2010, raises the bar with its cutting-edge technology that allows us to offer customers forward-looking solutions and innovative products.

This plant manufactures solvent-based and solvent-free mixes. A modern tenter frame makes light work of processing tension-sensitive products.

The versatility of our production equipment enables us to offer the following processes:

  • Impregnation
  • Lacquering (3 g/m² - 5 g/m²)
  • Direct coating at up to 3000 g/m²
  • Transfer coating
  • Air knife coating
  • Film and fabric lamination

The new cutting system can produce individual rolls as small rolls.

Both plants rely on intelligent technologies with low environmental impact that help reduce consumption and protect the environment.

Our high quality standards are maintained by dedicated inspection personnel and modern inspection systems.

To provide seamless documentation of all raw materials and products, even for sensitive industries such as marine transport and aviation, we use an ERP system that ensures complete monitoring of all product flows from ordering to delivery.

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